Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Concert Review: Fools For Rowan Says Farewell, Offers Glimpse of Future

Fools For Rowan, an independent hard rock band that steadily built a passionate fan base since its inception in 2009, bid adieu to their fans with a farewell show this past Saturday at the Rutledge concert hall in their hometown of Nashville.  Supporters from states as far as Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Illinois, and South Dakota to name a few, packed the venue to rock out one last time to the band that brought them memorable anthems like "Dead," "Burnt Around The Edges," and "Killed A Man Today."

The band certainly made an effort to ensure that every single fan got their fill of FFR goodness:  they played every song from their two albums except for "Leave," a death-themed song that would have been inappropriate for this night.  In addition, the band played a couple of heavied-up medleys that included pop tunes from the likes of Katy Perry and Ke$ha, a slamming cover of Taylor Swift's "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together," and some solo acoustic tunes from guitarists Rachel Brandsness and Ryan Nanney.

There were tears and there were smiles.  But, perhaps most importantly, there was a sense of hope for the future.  Before Fools For Rowan took the stage, the crowd was treated to performances by the new bands of two members.  Brandsness' project, Rachel Mac and the Revival, played a set of mostly original tunes in the female-fronted classic rock vein of Heart and Fleetwood Mac.  And bassist Gib showcased his latest band, the Tyler Warren Band, which was an alt-rock act highlighted by singer Tyler Warren's impressively high vocal range and Gib's rock-solid guitar (yes, guitar) playing.

Actually, one could easily argue that Gib was the star of the night, as he performed in all three of the aforementioned bands in back-to-back-to-back sets without as much as changing his sweat-drenched clothes.
Also performing on this night was Yourz Truly and Days of Mayhem, both from Illinois.  Watch this site for an upcoming review of Days of Mayhem's album.  The young band played a raging metal set that one couldn't help but be blown away by.

While the night was a fun one for all, it is hard not to be sad about the loss of Fools For Rowan.  With their well-written songs, great musicianship, professionalism, and hard-to-describe magnetic aura, they were one of those "too-good-to-not-be-signed" bands.  Here's wishing their members the best of luck as they branch off into other musical pursuits.