Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Gear Review: The Limited Edition Gibson Lzzy Hale Explorer

When Lzzy Hale first showed off the custom Explorer that Gibson had built for her in 2012, I immediately contacted Gibson and begged them to manufacture them for the public. I was told at that time that there was "no plan to build a signature model."

Throughout the years since that time, I had been in periodic discussions with Gibson, getting the same answer: no plans for a Lzzy Hale Explorer. But things started to change more recently.

Lzzy posted pictures of a mysterious second Explorer built to her specs. Still, my contact at Gibson stated as recently as August 28, 2014 that "We have not been given any indication that a Lzzy Hale Explorer model [is] being planned."

However, almost immediately thereafter, Gibson reached out to me with information that the release of a Limited Edition Lzzy Hale Explorer was indeed going to become a reality in late-2014 or early-2015. I really wanted to become the first member of the public to buy and own one. Despite reaching out to Gibson, members of Halestorm, dealers, etc., I was finding it difficult to get any help in winning the race to be the first.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

New Medicine's "Breaking The Model" Used on PNC Park's Big Screen!

At Helping Hands Rock Reviews, we are loving the new New Medicine album. The band is still a bit underground, so we were shocked when we were at a Pittsburgh Pirates game and they used the band's new song "Breaking The Model" as part of a highlights montage on the big screen at PNC Park!

We recognized the tune right away and had iPhones in hand, so we caught this video!

Congrats to the New Meds guys!

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Highway 4 Reaches For Classic Status With "Up In Arms"

"Don't judge a book by its cover," they say.

In drawing a connection between literature and music, could this axiom be adapted to say "Don't judge a band by its genre?"

With Western Pennsylvania band Highway 4 and their new album, Up In Arms, I think it could.

Let me explain...