Monday, December 27, 2021

HHRR's Top 10 Albums of 2021!

In 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic cloud hung over the live music industry.  Many tours were postponed, keeping artists and their fans a bit separated.

However, that cloud had a silver lining:  recording artists spent a good part of 2020 recording.  This resulted in many great albums being released in 2021.  

This was the hardest year in a long time for us to narrow down our annual "best albums of the year" list to just 10.  However, we did it!

And, while there were plenty of albums that earned honorable mentions (if we awarded them), we feel that our top 10 is packed with deserving releases from top to bottom!

10.  Sixx: A.M. - Hits

9.  Lilith Czar:  Created from Filth and Dust

8.  Jeff Rosenstock:  SKA DREAM

7.  Crobot:  Rat Child

6.  Frank Iero and the Future Violence - Heaven is a Place.  This is a Place.

5.  Greta Van Fleet - The Battle at Garden's Gate

4.  Royal Blood - Typhoons

3.  The Pretty Reckless - Death by Rock and Roll

2.  Waterparks - Greatest Hits

1.  Badflower - This is How the World Ends