Saturday, January 24, 2015

Wednesday 13 Goes Deeper & Heavier With "Monsters of the Universe"

Longtime fans will be quick to tell you that they love Wednesday 13's campy, catchy horrorpunk tunes.  Some of them may or may not admit that there may only be so much mileage even their favorite artist can get out of that humor-injected schtick.

But the dilemma of overdoing a good thing is not an issue on Wednesday 13's latest release, Monsters of the Universe:  Come Out And Plague.  This is Wednesday 13's heaviest, darkest, and most serious effort to date.  With regard to the last point, it is a concept album revolving around themes of Orwellian government control and the arrival of aliens.

While the seriousness of some of the tracks perhaps pushes the envelope too far from the fun of Wednesday 13's earlier material, there are some undeniable gems on the album sure to please even the most pure W13 purists.  In particular, the heavy grooves of "Keep Watching The Skies" and "Bombs, Guns & Gods - This Is A War" will undoubtedly be permanent fixtures on true metal lovers' playlists.  These tunes are like the spawn of Rob Zombie rebelling against papa by outheavying his heaviest stuff.

While Monsters of the Universe is a departure for the former Murderdoll's frontman, it still has enough appeal to make it worth checking out for old fans as well as people who were too metal to give "Happily Ever Cadaver" a chance.

# of Facebook page "Likes" for Wednesday 13 at the time of this writing:  121,092.

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