Friday, November 13, 2015

Concert Photos: Butcher Babies Performing at Altar Bar in Pittsburgh on November 10, 2015

Butcher Babies seem to perform in Pittsburgh every two to three months.  They referred to Pittsburgh as their "second home."

Carla Harvey's cool Type O Negative shirt didn't go unnoticed!

It's hard to do the Butcher Babies' performance justice with still photos because they move with superhuman speed.  The shutter speed on this photo was 1/125 of a second and it was still too slow to freeze Heidi Shepherd's headbanging hair!

Shepherd's darling smile belies the brutality of Butcher Babies' performance

Henry Flury (left), Jason Klein, and Chris Warner (not pictured) are the unsung heroes of the band, providing a heavy backdrop to the frontwomen's growls, screams, and antics

Coratid artery for days

Harvey isn't content unless the crowd is loud

 # of Facebook page "Likes" for Butcher Babies at the time of this writing:  238,238.

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