Friday, September 29, 2017

Meet The SuperSharer: Tim D!

Yes, we have yet ANOTHER SuperSharer to introduce you to!  Isn't that awesome?

If you don't know what a SuperSharer is, check on the posts from the last few days to learn how these passionate music fans gave extra fuel to the #SharePGHMusicMonth train!

Today's SuperSharer is Tim D!

Tim is the drummer for the band, Unbroken Soul.

Why does Tim love Pittsburgh music so much?

"The bands, musicians, and fans are not only a community, but a family who stop at nothing to help, promote and support each other to always reach the next level," Tim says. "This is what not only makes Pittsburgh music great, but puts it above the rest."

Here are Tim's three favorite tunes that he has shared during Share Pittsburgh Music Month:

Thanks Tim!