Thursday, December 31, 2015

HHRR's 2015 Album of the Year

Yesterday, we started our countdown of the top 10 albums of 2015.  We stopped at #2 to build up excitement to today's big revelation of the #1 album.

So, Helping Hands Rock Reviews #1 album of 2015 is...

1.  Stryper - Fallen.  Stryper's albums in the 1980's were some of the most classic metal albums in history.  The group certainly made their eternal mark on hard rock with songs like "Soldiers Under Command," "Calling On You," and "Free."  While their string of post-reunion albums that began with 2005's Reborn were respectable, they certainly didn't take Stryper's legacy to the proverbial next level.

So, we were expecting more of the same when we heard that Fallen was due for a 2015 release.  But, man, were we pleasantly surprised.  Blown away, actually. 

The quality of the songwriting on Fallen is simply impeccable.  Michael Sweet added a little grit to his still-superhumanly high vocal range.  And the album is full of a modern edge that can draw in a new generation of fans for the yellow and black attack while simultaneously delighting long-time Stryper aficionados.

Fallen is a must-have album for every metal fan.  And it is well-deserving of the nod as Helping Hands Rock Reviews' #1 album of 2015.