Monday, March 28, 2016

Concert Photos: That Metal Show Performing at Altar Bar in Pittsburgh on March 25, 2016

VH1 sadly ended That Metal Show after an 8 year run.  So, the boys took to the road to continue entertaining fellow metalheads while they shop networks for a new home. We were lucky enough to catch them on one of their stops here in Pittsburgh!

Eddie Trunk gets the evening rolling with a few funny stories of how "That Metal Show" came to be.

Up next, Don Jamieson gets the metal crowd to crack up.

Jim Florentine keeps the crowd roaring and gets a married couple to share a little TMI with the audience!

Eddie Trunk & Jim Florentine

Don Jamieson & Eddie Trunk

Jim Florentine & Eddie Trunk having a Q&A session with the fans

Pittsburgh's very own Mark Madden makes an attempt to "Stump The Trunk"

Eddie Trunk looking quite stumped

Eddie gets it right, no prize for Mark today

The guys saying goodbye and high-fiving the Pittsburgh fans at the end of the evening