Friday, September 22, 2017

Introducing the #SharePGHMusicMonth 2017 SuperSharer 100 Playlist!

Share Pittsburgh Music Month 2017 is going awesome so far!

At the half-way point of the month, Pittsburgh artists' music videos have gotten over 68,000 new views!

Today, we are stoked to introduce yet another way we hope to build more visibility for Pittsburgh artists.

A team of passionate fans we call the "SuperSharers" have handpicked 100 of their favorite Pittsburgh music videos for our SuperSharer 100 playlist!  It's linked below.

What can you do with the SuperSharer 100?
  • Browse through to discover a song or artist you like
  • Binge watch all five hours of it
  • Use it to organize what videos you'll share in the home stretch of Share Pittsburgh Music Month (and be sure to always include the #SharePGHMusicMonth hashtag in your post).
We hope you enjoy the tunes and get addicted to sharing Pittsburgh music!Here's the link to the playlist: