Monday, September 25, 2017

Meet The SuperSharer: Jodi K!

 Share Pittsburgh Music Month is nearing its conclusion for 2017, but it remains on absolute fire!

Music videos by Pittsburgh artists have been watched well over 100,000 times this month!  And we still have a few days left!

This massive and positive impact would not be possible without the many people posting music videos using the #SharePGHMusicMonth hashtag.  And the biggest kudos go to our "SuperSharers" - fans who have planned out their sharing and provided us with advance links to the videos so we could track views.

We are thanking our SuperSharers by doing brief "Meet The SuperSharer" posts.  Today, meet SuperSharer Jodi K!

Jodi describes herself as a music lover down to her core.  She is a proud supporter of the local scene.  She will tell you that she gets to as many shows as she possibly can (and she actually does!).  She says she loves "the excitement, the feeling, the passion in live music."

Why does Jodi love Pittsburgh music?

"I love the Pittsburgh music scene because of the great music, of course, but more because the bands are supportive of one another," Jodi says.  "We have such a great mix of all genres in this city as well and that is great for someone like me that has quite the eclectic taste in music."

Jodi is awesome, don't you agree?

We'll leave you with three of Jodi's favorite music videos she has shared during Share Pittsburgh Music Month.

Thanks Jodi!