Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Meet The SuperSharer: Matt C!

I hope that you've enjoyed meeting our first two SuperSharers!

Once again, our SuperSharers are vital contributors to Share Pittsburgh Music Month.  Not only do they post music videos from Pittsburgh artists using the #SharePGHMusicMonth hashtag, but they also planned out what they would be sharing so we could track the impact.

Some of our SuperSharers post a different video every single day.  Today's SuperSharer does just that.  Let me introduce you to SuperSharer, Matt Cavallo!

Matt is the lead guitarist for the Western Pennsylvania country/southern rock band, Coal Town.  He previously played with local band Access Denied, now known as Unbroken Soul.

Why does Matt love Pittsburgh music?

"I love Pittsburgh music because of the level of talent that there is," Matt says.  "Also the support from bands supporting each other, which I believe is the key to a killer local scene.  It's like a huge family, between not only the musicians, but the fans as well."

Here are Matt's three favorite videos he has shared this month...

Thanks for being a SuperSharer, Matt!